Why I chose live streaming to give my business a boost

I was increasingly frustrated with all the effort I was putting into social content, only to have NO ONE SEE any of it. Live video was a game changer for me!

What I stand for

I am a lot of things. A girl mom, a wife of a Marine veteran, dog lover (I have 3), coffee drinker, a geek and a huge fan of Wonder Woman memorabilia.

I'm most definitely an introvert to the highest level and an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs inventory.

I believe there many Black & Brown women who are often overlooked. I believe there are not enough incredible women over 45, beyond a certain weight, or in a certain class who get to have their voices heard and faces seen online.

I stand for promoting more of these voices and faces. I stand for justice against inequality, and for amplifying more positive messages that can create changes for the better in this world. And I stand for peace πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™πŸ’›

What people say about Tanya...

Connecting your brand with video can change your life

Not sure how to get started? Perhaps we should connect. If you are clear on your brand, you know what you're offering (selling), and you're committed to doing more with video, click here and let's talk about your business.

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