We make live streaming video simple for service providers

If you're a coach, consultant, or course creator you need to create more live video content so you can reach more people. Not sure where to start? Take this quiz and grab free, personalized live video tips here...

Live streaming doesn't have to be that scary or expensive!

I've heard (and I've said) just about every myth and objection to doing video. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "It's too hard to get on camera"
  • "I don't have what it takes (gear, training, looks)"
  • " Creating video takes too much time and money"

Right now, you're thinking - why is she calling me out?

YOU: "Tanya, I think I'm ready to try video... but why live?"

Live streaming is increasingly popular in every social media platform. Going live helps businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level without the limitations of being physically in the same place. The audience feels like they get to know the real you! And that is priceless right now.

Live streaming is an incredibly unique opportunity to reach your audience where they are and when consistent, it can massively increase trust (and your bank account) in no time! Plus, it's cheaper and easier to do than pre-recording and publishing videos.

Who I love working with

As a certified branding and marketing coach, NLP practitioner, and former corporate trainer myself, I LOVE working with other women who are into coaching, consulting and course creation.

Admittedly, I tend to attract other introverts like myself who want to serve people in a genuine, authentic way using an approach that blends both the technical side of video and the psychology of on-camera confidence.

What we offer to our clients


Business Coaching/Strategy

We provide strategic coaching on how your service business can leverage video content for growth and visibility. Together we'll co-create your plan of action.


Video Training & Services

Our work is grounded in practical advice, with ongoing support and encouragement from our growing business community of diverse and talented entrepreneurs.

Hear from a few of my amazing clients...

Still not sure about live streaming? Listen...

I get it. Doing live video is not something every one is going to do. You have to be clear on your goals, develop your game plan to be consistent, and show up ready to commit to your own success.

That's why I've created a no-pressure quiz to help you find out just how ready you are to do live streaming video. Check it out & grab your free personalized report...

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